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These artists books by Rachael Romero (Rabyaashki is Romero's sufi name) are hand-made, with found and fine papers  and are mostly unique (some few are in small but not identical editions) and were made in the 1980's.


While  studying Sufi calligraphic texts in the late 80's and early 1990's, Romero made a number of  books as a way to assimilate the material.


Romero  also made books using materials from her creative process and in response to nature. She has made a handful of books incorporating students' art, to give people a "voice" otherwise not available to them ie: LIFE, with Angel Amerat was made in an edition of 100 with a grant from the NYFA; Blind Sight by Dr Marco Bitetto and Gregory's Indications I and II.


A number of Romero's books are in private collections and the following  Artists’ book collections: 

Museum of Modern Art, New York City, NY

The Whitney Museum, New York City, NY

New York Public Library, NY, NY .

Library of Congress, Washington DC


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