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work in publication

ABC No Rio Dinero:

The Story of a Lower East Side Art Gallery

Edited by Alan Moore and Marc Miller



Eyes of the Nation: A Visual History of the United States by Vincent Virga and curators of the Library of Congress with Alen Brinkley. A pictorial and narrative history of the United States with more than five hundred exceptional illustrations…

Published by Alfred A. Knopf


Inkworks: Visions of Peace & Justice

 Over Thirty years of political posters

With 400 full color reproductions, the anthology presents more than 30 years worth of archived posters printed by Inkworks Press, Featuring Essays By: David Bacon, Lincoln Cushing, Angela Davis, Anuradha Mittal, Carol Wells, and more

Asian Americans: The Movement and the Moment  edited by Steve Louie and Glen Omatsu. UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press  ISBN 0-934052-35-2

COMMITTED TO PRINT : Social and Political Themes in Recent American Printed Art

by Deborah Wye. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY  1988  ISBN 0-87070-299-8  


A Different war, Vietnam in Art by Lucy Lippard

a copublication of Whatcom Museum of History and Art and Red Comet Press, 1990

isbn 0-941104-43-5


mvmtcover committedtoprint016 visions_cover


Snipers Nest: Art that has Lived with Lucy Lippard, edited by David Frankel BARD College  (cover)  

ISBN 0-941276-14-7

snipersnest014 Winter 1983 cover

Bomb Magazine 8/Winter 1983, 

(Full page of images and text).

Signs of Change :Social

Movements Cultures

1960s to Now.

edited by Dara Greenwald

and Josh MacPhee

Publisher:AK Press

ISBN: 9781849350273

books-1 books-3 books-4 SFPB biblio Rachael Romero

Mother Jones Jul-Aug 1993

Vol. 18. No 4 -72 pages

...As these emerged in the 1970's, the San Francisco Poster Brigade worked to unify the poster-making community...

Art Matters: how the

culture wars changed

America-Page 40 1999;

Ault, Wallis, Weems, Yenawine

"Fashion Moda, Colab and

the San Francisco Poster

Brigade mixing original work

of avant guarde artists with

images  from the popular

and political. cultures, using bright colors, raw lettering, and anti-institutional installation techniques."

The Power of Feminist Art

by Norma Brude, Mary Garrard, Judth Brodsky. 1994

Another prominent figure in this history is Rachael Romero...

who co-founded the San Francisco Poster Brigade...

p 293

American Studies in a

Moment of Danger by

George Lipsitz, 1994

9 175

Other Sources:

an American Essay

[exhibition catalog] celebrating America's Bicentennial, San Francisco Art Institute,  1976, (cover by Rachael Romero (WOB)





UPFRONT # 12/13, 1986-87. A Publication of PAD/D [Political Art Documentation / Distribution]. Special Supplement: "Concrete Crisis" Posters (cover)


Black Sun

Under The Big Black Sun: California Art 1974-1981 Co-edited by Lisa Gabrielle Mark and Paul Schimmel

This catalogue accompanies the 2011 MOCA exhibition Under The Big Black Sun: California Art 1974-1981. With contributions by Frances Colpitt, Thomas Crow, Charles Desmarais, Peter Frank, Leta Ming, Paul Schimmel, Rebecca Solnit, and Kristine Stiles.

Under The Big Black Sun presents a range of perspectives on California Art in the postmodern era with examinations on the various artist working during this time. Generously illustrated in color and black and white. Hardcover 312 pages

Published by MOCA and DelMonic Prestal (2011)ISBN 13: 978-3-7913-5139-1

IMG_2867 Picture 4 Vand A brochure with RR image signsofchange01 NYT Sept. 12, 2009

Victory to the Freedom Fighters of Southern Africa, a 1977 poster by Rachael Romero is featured on the Victoria and Albert Museums Guide to Spotlight Africa and the Diaspora in the Museums' collections. This poster is one of twelve art/objects highlighted in the 2012 guide.

black scholar

BlackScholar cover  image by

Rachael Romero WOB

Bay Guard Marley copy

Cover of Bay Guardian

image by Rachael Romero

Democracy by Marrtha Rosler

Democracy: A Project by

Group Material (Discussions

 in Contemporary Culture)

Brian Wallis (Author)

All of Us or None: Social Justice Posters of the San Francisco Bay Area, (catalog) Oakland Museum of California, exhibition catalog by the collection archivist and author Lincoln Cushing, published by Heyday Press, 2012

Newsweek 2

Newsweek, September 11, 1989, A Painful War’s Haunted Art by Peter Plagens (image and review.)

AOUN_Cover-200x260 Picture 24 publications

West of Center

Art and the Counterculture Experiment in America, 1965–1977


Elissa Auther and Adam Lerner, editors

Foreword by Lucy R. Lippard

page 207

We Shall Not Be Moved

Rachel Romero. Fight for the International Hotel, 1977. Offset from linocut.

Marxism in the Postmodern Age: Confronting the New World Order - Antonio Callari, Stephen Cullenberg, Carole Biewener - 1994 Page 160

"Residents of New York's Third Street Men's Shelter, organized by painter Rachael Romero, contributed a complex collage of drawn and painted elements. In. Tenement installation by the Chinatown History Project and works by the Urban ..."

Picture 3 Picture 4

The Great Food Robbery: How corporations control food, grab land ... by GRAIN - Page 38

Picture 2_2

Ten Years That Shook the City: San Francisco 1968-1978 -

Chris Carlsson, Lisa Ruth Elliott - 2011 - 344 pages -

.Page 293.. consciousness and money for every cause that needed it. Country Joe and the Fish, Sons of Champlin, and the Red Star Singers were among those that regularly did their part. “Fight for the International Hotel” • Artist: Rachael Romero

Picture 4

Dimensions of the Americas: Art and Social Change in Latin America 

By Shifra M. Goldman

In the mid-seventies, Rachael Romero (who is not Latina) and Leon Klayman started the Wilfred Owens Brigade (now known as the San Francisco Poster Brigade).

A Different war, Vietnam in Art by Lucy Lippard, Whatcom Museum of History and Art and Red Comet Press, 1990. page 101 , 102

ISBN: 0-941104-43-5


plain dealer signsofchange041 books 51TVXNQHCFL._SL500_AA300_

'The stain is idelible': Rachael Romero's

Magdalene Diaries by Adele Chynoweth

n.paradoxa: Volume 32, July 2013, Citizenship

Picture 5_2 Picture 12

international Workers Day

poster by Rachael Romero

VICTORYtotheFREEDOM..SA(c)Rachael Romero77 Fight for the International Hotel belushi by Rachael Romero Fight for the International Hotel I Hotel night by Rachael Romero SFPB Picture 21 Picture 2_3

Through Women's Eyes 

Volume 1 & 2 : An American History with Documents

Author: Ellen Carol DuBois; Lynn Dumenil

ISBN: 0312468873 / 9780312468873

Bedford/Saint Martin's

He who feels it knows it by Rachael Romero

...“This is working art, posters for the streets, for placards, for demonstrations. Sometimes these posters don’t just reflect reality, but have served, as Bertholt Brecht exhorted, as hammers with which to shape reality. These images are calls to action for struggles that have sometimes escalated into battles, and that have sometimes even changed the relations of power. The International Hotel posters by the SF Poster Brigade...—come to mind. They are testament to a moment in history that altered people’s perceptions of housing and development struggles in San Francisco..." Review of Inkworks book by Fernando Martí,

LEFT TURN, Published on: Nov 01, 2007

Magdalene Laundry Fight for the International Hotel Picture 7

Washington Post

East Village Eye, 1986 by Lucy Lippard (excerpt)

concrete crisis 2_Page_1_4


Urban Images of the Eighties

cover by Rachael Romero

Internationalist Art, SFPB_2 balance your brain8

Lino-cut postcards by Rachael Romero

Gregory with dollar bill, Rachael Romero Paul Robeson..by Rachael Romero SFPB Picture 3 ANTI WW3&Parsons by Rachael Romero SFPB StopSterilization sepiaAAA17x22 300c RachaelRomero Picture 7 Picture 8 sc0006a738 Mt Record Fall 2009

Mt Record Fall 2009, cover, photos/photo editor

FREE SPIRIT, nyc 1987.

Zen Fall 2009 c zen fall 2009_2 Zen Fall 2009 f_2 Picture 20 VOICE Picture 15_2 Basta Ya! SFPB group El Tecol_2 Inside-film-screening_01_e-card-26 Picture 9 Picture 13


included in Lesson 5, Complex Bereavement, Complicated Grief, and Traumatic Loss by Tatjana Jansen, Vancouver Art Therapy Institute.

[email protected]

Other Sources Catalog

Rachael Romero's art lays bare cruelty women and girls


Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

abc 7:30 Report with Mike Sexton

Sep 4, 2014 - The exhibition entitled Enslaved is by New York-based artist Rachael Romero, who worked in the Adelaide laundry from the age of 14

ENSLAVED just title The Laundry Loading dock c Rachael Romero 2011 4616415466_298x252.jpg Inside-film-screening_01_Web-banner Third St Mens Shelter collage72@Reina Sofia Screenshot 2015-02-12 18.58.06

Whitney Museum online.collection

Not yet. On the Reinvention of Documentary and the Critique of Modernism. Essays and Documents [1972-1991]

Reina Sofia Publications

not_yet Rachael Romero LINOCUT Artists proofs NY Balance YOUR BRAIN sm 72 Rachael Romero LC  2015-09-02 18.42.27 press voice Poster designed by the San Francisco Poster Brigad


September/October 1980


'International Workers Day Show'

by Susanna Sedgwick

At Work: The Art of California Labor  – 2003 by Gray A. Brechin

(Foreword), Tillie Olsen

(Afterword), Mark Dean Johnson (Editor) see pg 36


El Tecolote,

Free Political Prisoners,


by Rachael Romero

WOB, 1976


FORUM 35   Journal of Letter Exchange, Issue 35, 2018...

No Place Like Home by Elizabeth Hess for the Village Voice 

"...One of few abstract (and most exquisite) works is a delicate collage that grew out of a collaboration between Rachael Romero and people in the Third Street Mens Shelter..."p105