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INTERNATIONAL HOTEL NIGHT, 1978  by Rachael Romero  


    When I look at this poster 30 years after I carved it, I can hear Etta Moon make one of her knowing observations and smothering it with effusive giggles. And I see Mama Helena in her long muumuu serving slices carved from a whole pig onto paper plates for Mr.Yip.  A stowaway from China, Mr Yip was  a retired merchant marine who rose at 4am every morning to do Qigong. He spoke sailers Pidgin English in his speaches.

    Manongs of the International Hotel (like Tex) had worked on ships, or in the fields for forty years. Forbidden to marry in the USA, the International Hotel served as these immegrants home base, a place where they could hear Pilipino or Chinese music, catch up with each other and eat familiar food.

    When an overseas corporation wanted the tenants evicted and the hotel torn down, Felix Ayson--the dignified man you see in the front of the INTERNATIONAL HOTEL NIGHT poster became the most outspoken of the tenants, rallying crowds that grew to 10,000 people over a decade. “My people” Felix would begin his stirring oratory, articulating a yearning for freedom and justice that continues to give voice to countless others used and discarded in this country’s ruthless pursuit of wealth.

    All of this was celebrated that night in 1978, more than a year after the brutal 4am I-hotel eviction. Those ordinary people came together in an extraordinary way, leaving us an enduring legacy of courage, camaraderie and love. I am grateful to have been a part.















                                             Mr Yip leaflet




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"This is working art, posters for the streets, for placards, for demonstrations. Sometimes these posters don’t just reflect reality, but have served, as Bertholt Brecht exhorted, as hammers with which to shape reality. These images are calls to action for struggles that have sometimes escalated into battles, and that have sometimes even changed the relations of power. The International Hotel posters by the SF Poster Brigade—several of which are included in this book—come to mind. They are testament to a moment in history that altered people’s perceptions of housing and development struggles in San Francisco..."

Fernando Martí reviews Inkworks' book: Visions of Peace & Justice, published on: Nov 01, 2007 for LEFT TURN


The Fight for the INTERNATIONAL HOTEL, San Francisco

Picture 18 www.manilatown.org/ihlifehome.htm www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCgM466nVtI&feature=related

1967-1978. A decade of resistance to eviction and destruction of community.

Tenants March... I-Hotel by Rachael Romero SFPB I Hotel banner at the Smithsonian

Smithsonion's Capitol Gallery, Washington DC 2013

Banner includes I Hotel poster by Rachael Romero, SFPB  

Fight for the International Hotel I Hotel flyer by Rachael Romero SFPB Picture 2_3 SFPB poster (c) Rachael RomeroAll rights Reserved4 International Hotel 1970'sby Rachael Romero203 I Hotel tenant picnic after eviction International Hotel 1970'sby Rachael Romero213 International Hotel 1970'sby Rachael Romero214 Mr Yip and Rachael Mr Yip with leaf International Hotel 1970'sby Rachael Romero218 International Hotel 1970'sby Rachael Romero215 International Hotel 1970'sby Rachael Romero210 International Hotel 1970'sby Rachael Romero208 International Hotel 1970'sby Rachael Romero202 International Hotel 1970'sby Rachael Romero204 International Hotel 1970'sby Rachael Romero201 P1110405 P1110429

Posters by Rachael Romero SFPB

Mr Yip and Rachael in Chinatown SF 1978

Rene Yanez by the pirated billboard  in the Mission

Felix Ayson speaking while Moscone nods off

Pool Hall and Tino's Barber Shop were the last of old Manilatown.

ten thousand people circled the block

Tex in his single room at the Hotel

Wahat Tampao speaks at City Hall rally

Emele De Guzman speaks at City Hall rally

I HOTEL street shot72


What was once a thriving community--now displaced. Photo c Rachael Romero

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