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Blood Sisters in the Convent of the Good Shepherd, Magdalene Laundry by Rachael Romero,  28x22" mixed media drawing on paper.


Lillie and I did this because we felt we had become sisters in horror. Lillie had been taken from her mother to a mission, then The Pines.


She didn't remember where she was from. I didn't want to be from what I remembered.



















Blood Sisters by RRomero  First Night, The Pines, by Rachael Romero 13. Brain-washing, MagdaleneLaundry,Pines,SA(c)Rac The Mangle Magdalene Laundry by Rachael Romero Packing Room Magdalene Laundry by Rachael Romero Washing and Ironing PINES Laundry by Rachael Romer NO MOVEMENT below the waist by RachaelRomero Convent of Good Shepherd Cross Frederica's escape 2Magdalene Laundry by Rachael R What MRS LETHEBY did for us by Rachael Romero 1. C disinfectant bath by Rachael Romero St of Cross the Fall in Quadrangle by Rachael Romero detail one 72 Anima solo by Rachael Romero72


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Crown ML lg Enslaved by Rachael Romero THe way the Catholic Church viewed us by Rachael R

  This work depicts the experience of the Australian-born, New York artist Rachael Romero, who at 14, in 1967, was sequestered, without charge and without legal trial, in the Convent of the Good Shepherd.  ‘The Pines’, on Marion Road, North Plympton, SA, was one of nine commercial ‘Magdalene’ laundries across Australia in the 20th century.  Romero recalls, “In this Dickensian throwback, our names were taken. Our identity was taken. We were shocked into an enforced silence and ‘trained’ to carry out dangerous drudgery. Offered no remuneration for such labour we were told to offer it up for the saving of souls in the ‘next life’ and therefore beautify our pitiful selves”.



Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, the Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, South Australia University, Adelaide, South Australia. September 5-October 3,  2014  

long enslaved wall

Romero recallis her experience in an Australian Magdalene Laundry with Michael Secton for abc 7:30 Report


ENSLAVED FinalTITLE 17 wide 72




“What cannot be said above all must not be silenced but written.”  --Jacques Derrida


                   The point of departure for my activist work comes from my own life experience. Always choosing media that can be widely disseminated, I burrow into my own corrosive secrets. Telling  them from the inside out--Rachael Romero





Rachael Romero installation7 enslaved kpcg hawke sa uni copy Ex-P.M. of Ireland at ENSLAVED exhibit Enslaved install 7 IMG_1107

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Enslaved 5 LIFE STUDIES installation3 Magdalene Installation 3 by Rachael Romero

Aftermath of Trauma by Rachael Romero

Aftermath First wave dr c Rachael Romero Washing and Ironing PINES Laundry by Rachael Romer

ENSLAVED in a Magdalene Laundry  

Shaped by Silence

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