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Minding my Brain, I dreamt of seven great whales leaping over my head.

Here the dream is projected and spawns a 36x48 acrylic painting below


All images available in two small editions of archival pigment prints.and in two sizes.

Large landscape format archivally printed images 26x38 inches and smaller17x22 on rag paper .


Due to the results of brain trauma and recent surgery--I found myself exploring realms I had previously only observed others so doing.

After surgery I encountered stigma first hand and felt the nip of sociatal fear of the subject.

I am what is, and do not desire to be medicalized into comatose "normality."--R Romero


                               We are broken when we are whole/And we are whole when we are broken.   -Bjork.Quicksand album





Rachael Romero: Current work and Exhibits

In three decades of leading inner city Art workshops with disenfranchised, neuro-diverse people, empathised with, advocated for, and admired those who have survived horror--and through their own resiliance-- gone on. I have also observed--in myself-- how embodied trauma--when examined through the creative process--can result in the transfiguration of personal and collective suffering -- transforming into the virtual power of creative becoming.



Walk into my Brain (an after brain surgery experience) by Rachael Romero Third St Mens Shelter collage72@Reina Sofia

Unity Collage (second from left) made from art produced in Rachael Romero's art workshop with men at the Third Street Men's Shelter, NYC in 1989 and exhbited in 2015 as a part of: NOT YET

at the MUSEO REINA SOFIA, Madrid, Spain

(photo credit: Joaquín Cortés, Román Lores / MNCARS)


the Unity coolage was shown in

Martha Rosler. " f you can’t afford to live here, mo-o-ove!!


534 West 26 Street |1018 Madison Avenue, NY, NY

in the summer of 2016

Screenshot 2015-02-12 18.58.06 projection 7 leaping whales dream_2

Rachael Romero

New York-Balance

Your Brain, 1986

from Concrete Crisis:

Urban Images of the 80's


 3 mermaids heal brain200dpi Rachael Romero 3_3 untitled Face Whale by Rachael Romero Screenshot 2015-03-04 13.01.49_2

Rachael Romero has two pieces in the exhibit:

How Posters Work

... Featuring nearly 125 posters from Cooper Hewitt’s permanent collection, the exhibition demonstrates how some of the world’s most creative designers have employed design principles to produce powerful acts of  visual communication.


        May 8 to November 2015.


Here the dream spawns a 36x48 acrylic painting

All art copyright Rachael Romero.

All Rights Reserved

As I came out of the anaesthesia I saw  information from my brain being poured from one recepticle into another. I felt I knew why I was alive.

Minding my own brain,

NY Balance YOUR BRAIN sm 72 Rachael Romero

Recent Exhibits ...

_MG_0702 “If You Lived Here…” collagesmall ng 7211x8 Pluck Em ok 72 SFPB 1980

New Acquisitions: Posters on Social Justice and Medicine by Rachael Romero  acquired by

Yale's Cushing Medical Historical Library. Shown here in presentation to Susan Wheeler

KURD POSTERRachael Romero SFPB 4616415466_399x339.jpg Romero_Rachael_1448  why I am alive 3CJUGSofinfo copysmall

Recent images....

AAAsmYou're Bleeding from the Brain- full-Single c Whether tis nobler in the mind 5b sm flat