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Vintage Street Portraits1980-85

Romero painted portraits, at night, on West 4th Street and Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village in the summers.

Schills from the artists work  as a portrait painter on the latenight summer sidewalks of Greenwich Village in the early eighties.

Romero  practiced painting by making street portraits --she color coded her bottled inks so as to choose color under the street light

"...I guess Rachael Romero's richly colored deeply emphatic portraits of street people are the least compromised and compromising views of placement/displacement I know. They share a respectful affection with John Ahearns' and Rigoberto Torres humanized monuments of the South Bronx. Having worked the summer-night portrait scene for several years, Romero has a unique connection with many homeless people-as friends, not as freaks--which differs from that of post/graffiti and gallery artists (though she has been both with some success). Rather than lumping together the lumpen and the lost in a single bag as The Homeless, she depicts the lives of homeless persons, never losing sight of the social realities they resist being formed by. For example, her portrait of Gregory with dollar bill: he's holding it over his mouth like a gag..."

                                               -Lucy Lippard, East Village Eye, December/January 1986, nyc

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NYCstreetPORTRAITS,RachaelRomero sm suyella David Combs by Rachael Romero, NYC 1990