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A portrait of the first generation American Zen Master

John Daido Loori Roshi


A 19 minute documentary short by Rachael Loori Romero.


An intimate portrait of one of the early and foremost teachers of Zen Buddhism in the United States. John Daido Loori was the founder and abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery, in Mt Tremper, NY and the founder of the Mountains and Rivers Order.  He received dharma transmission from both the Soto and  Rinzai Orders.  Loori authored more than twenty books on the dharma and was a photographer and nature lover all his life. Before becoming a zen monk Loori served in the U.S. Navy, worked for a number of years as a scientist. His wife, Rachael Loori Romero made this visual poem in his memory.

ZEN MASTER cover1med www.youtube.com/profile?user=rabyaashki#p/u/11/DBfgd-rPshY